Srixon Z-Star Fairway Woods

$249.99 Released January, 2011

Product Shot 1The Srixon Z-Star Fairway Woods is a premium fairway wood for professional golfers. Featured is an advanced adjustment system in which the wood can be configured in 12 different adjustable face and lie angle configurations.

This means users can correctly align the face and lie angles to correct ball flight patterns, enhance shot shapes, and essentially custom tune the fairway to their own specific swing. There is also a Custom 455 Maraging stell face that works with a tour inspired profile to ensure a consistent and piercing ball flight. Plus with the variable face design, golfers can in fact generate a greater ball speed and longer ball flight. What’s interesting is that if a user adjusts the shaft to select a draw or fade bias, the artwork on the shaft (Miyazaki Dromos) reveals the exact shot shape that they’ve chosen.


  • Premium Fairway
  • 12 Different Positions
  • Correct Ball Flight Patterns
  • Enhanced Shot Shapes
  • Traditional Head Shape
  • Custom 455 Maraging Stell Face
  • Consistent Ball Flight
  • Premium Custom Shaft
  • L/R Bias
  • Revealed Shot Shape
  • Starburst Variable Face Design

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